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Folktales You Can Carry Around!

HarperCollins India

Wily old women, a clever nanny goat, a helpful snake, an invisible boy, a sorcerer king...a charming collection of folktales that has humour, adventure and fantasy in equal measure.

The Teenage Diary of Nur Jahan


Talking Cub

What was the legendary Mughal empress Nur Jahan like as a teenager? History does not have any records so this is an imaginary diary of the young Mehr-un-nissa, as she was known as then. It records her love for poetry and the arts and creates an image of a feisty, passionate and ambitious girl. It also vividly describes the pomp and pageantry of the Mughal court.

Nur Jahan_cover.jpg

The Scholastic Book of Hindu Gods and Goddesses


Scholastic India 

What happened when Ganesha ate too man modaks?

Why did baby Hanuman try to gobble up the sun?

How did young Krishna take on mighty Indra and life the huge Goverdhan Hill on his little finger?

This collection of 10 fabulous tales features gods, demons and others...

Perfect for independent readers, perfect to read aloud! 

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Best Stories from Around the World (compiled)

Red Turtle


Once upon a time there was a story. The child who read it was so enchanted that she/he couldn't stop at one...because so many different kinds of stories have been written by so many authors at different times and in different places, all over the world...


A collection of classic short stories, old and new. My favourites... 


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