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Chanakya has vowed revenge! He must unseat the insolent King Dhana Nanda. An orphan boy Chandragupta Maurya is the one he chooses to fulfill his purpose. Thus he establishes the Maurya dynasty and the first Indian empire in Magadha. A towering figure in Indian history, Chanakya also authored The Arthashastra, the famous treatise on statecraft.


The timeless Five-and-Twenty Tales of Vikam and the Vetal!


After a series of mysterious events, King Vikramaditya has to carry the vetal, a wise and witty spirit living in a corpse, through a macabre cremation ground. The vetal narrates the most fascinating stories to the king on the way. Each ends with a riddle the king has to answer.

Does King Vikram survive this ghastly adventure?

The ancient tales have been retold over and over again in India and still remain very popular.

This version is an adaptation of Sivadasa's Sanskrit text.

A mysterious stranger haunts fifteen-year-old Rajula's dreams.

None other than Malushahi, the king of Katyur. But her father, the formidable sorcerer Sunapati Shauka, has promised her hand to a Tibetan ruler.

How does Rajula escape this web of danger?

An amazing fantasy, this epic  tale of love and bravery has been sung in the Kumaon region of Uttarakhand for centuries. It is being retold in English for the first time.

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Enter a world of mysterious ruins and  master tricksters, both female and male! A world of intrigue and romance, in this translation of a popular Hindi classic. Princess Chandrakanta and Prince Virendra want to get married but the evil Krur Singh foils their plans. But the young lovers and their friends.

The first modern Hindi novel, Devakinandan Khatri's bestselling classic remains a masterpiece of mystery and suspense.

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