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*Complete list of books


Middle Grade (8-12 years)


1.  A Capital Adventure, Children’s Book Trust (New Delhi, 1990)

2. Three Days to Disaster, Ratnasagar Publishers (New Delhi, 1990)

3. The Hunt for the Miracle Herb, Puffin Books, India (New Delhi, 1995, reprinted Navneet Publications, Mumbai, 2006)

4. Everyday Tales, Harper Collins, India (New Delhi, 1995)

5. Traveller’s Ghost, Harper Collins, India (New Delhi, 1994, reprinted Navneet Publications, Mumbai 2006)

6. Ghosts Everywhere, A’n’B Publishers (New Delhi, 1996)

7. Adventures in the Hills, A’ n’ B Publishers (New Delhi, 1996)

8.  Katha Ratna 3, (Hindi), Ratnasagar Publishers (New Delhi, 1995).

9.  Folk Tales from India, Macmillan India Limited (Chennai, 1997)

10. Myths and Legends from India, Macmillan India Limited (Chennai, 1997)

11. Animals and Birds in Myth and Legend, Macmillan India Ltd. (Chennai, 1997)

12. The Hilltop Mystery, Vikas Publishing House (New Delhi, 1998)

13. What’s Right, What’s Wrong, Save the Children Fund, (New Delhi, 2001)

14. Anita and the Game of Shadows, Scholastic India Pvt. Ltd. (Gurgaon, 2002) reprinted as The Game of Shadows (2012)

15. Not Just Girls! Rupa & Co (New Delhi, 2004)

16. My Book of Creative Writing, Scholastic India Pvt. Ltd. (Gurgaon, 2004) reprinted as Write Right (2011)

 17. King Vikram and the Riddles of the Vetal, Scholastic India Pvt. Ltd. (Gurgaon, 2005)

18. Caravan to Tibet, Puffin Books, India (New Delhi, 2007)

19. Folktales of Uttarakhand, Children’s Book Trust, (New Delhi, 2008)

21. Rani Lakshmibai, the Valiant Queen of Jhansi, Puffin Books, India (New Delhi, 2009)

22. Rajula and the Web of Danger, Hachette India (Gurgaon, 2012)

23. Ghost Stories I, Pratham Books (New Delhi, 2012)

24. Chanakya, the Master of Statecraft, Puffin Books, India (New Delhi, 2013)

25. Spinning Yarns: the Best Indian Stories for Children (compiled and edited);

Red Turtle, children’s imprint of Rupa Publications (New Delhi, 2013)            

26. The Wish-fulfilling Cow and Other Classic Indian Tales

Scholastic India (Gurgaon 2015)                                                                          

27. Go, Girl Go! Ratnasagar Publishers (Delhi, 2015)                                              

28. 100 Great Poems for Children (compiled); Red Turtle, children’s imprint of Rupa Publications (New Delhi, 2015)                                                               

29. Words to Live By, Best Indian Non-fiction Writing for Children (compiled) Hachette India (Gurgaon, 2016)                                                                                     

30. Listen, O King! Five-and-Twenty Tales of Vikram and the Vetal, Puffin/Penguin India (Gurgaon, 2016)                           31. Best World Stories, (compiled and edited) Red Turtle, (New Delhi, 2017) 

32. Scholastic Book of Hindu Gods and Goddesses, Scholastic India, (Gurgaon, 2017)

33. Sacked! Folktales You can Carry Around, HarperCollins India, (Noida, 2018) 

34. Blessed; Hachette India (Gurgaon, 2019)                                                              

35. Friendship Stories; Scholastic India (Gurgaon, 2019)                                           

36. Mahabharata Stories; Harper Collins India (Noida, 2019)                                     

37. Journey to the Forbidden City; Penguin/Puffin (Gurgaon, 2020)

38. Kashmir!Kashmir!; Scholastic India (Gurgaon, 2021)      

39. The Arthashastra for Children; Puffin/Penguin India (Gurgaon, 2023)                                    


Picture Books




1. Ashok’s New Friends, Children’s Book Trust (New Delhi, 1990)

2. Lippo Goes to the Park, Frank Educational Aids (NOIDA,1994)

3. Lippo Goes to a Party, Frank Educational Aids (NOIDA, 2000)

4. Squiggly Goes to School, Frank Educational Aids (NOIDA,1994)

5. Squiggly Goes for a Picnic, Frank Educational Aids (NOIDA, 2000)

6. Cheeko and the School Bag, Frank Educational Aids (NOIDA, 2000)

7. Flippi the Flying Pup, Frank Educational Aids (NOIDA, 2000)

8. The Tree, Frank Educational Aids (NOIDA, 1994)

9.  Momo’s Capers, Frank Educational Aids (NOIDA, 1994)

10. Birthday Gift, Frank Educational Aids (NOIDA,1994)

11. Hoppity’s Song, Frank Educational Aids (NOIDA, 1996)

12. The Toy Horse, Children’s Book Trust (New Delhi, 1997)

13. The Walking Tree, Children’s Book Trust (New Delhi,1999)

14. Birju and the Flying Horse, National Book Trust (New Delhi,1999)

15. Bamba and Pinky, Frank Educational Aids (Noida, 2002)

16. Flippi the Doggieangel, Frank Educational Aids, (Noida, 2002)

17. Tango Goes Camping, Frank Educational Aids, (Noida, 2003)

18.  Bamba and the Apple Tree, Frank Educational Aids, (Noida, 2003)

19. Stories from the Panchatantra, 1, 2, 3 Frank Educational Aids, (Noida, 2003)

20. Greek Mythology 1 & 2, Frank Educational Aids, (Noida, 2003)

21. Latula the Dancing Top, Rupa & Co. (New Delhi, 2003)

22. Shanti’s Friend, Pratham Books, (New Delhi, 2007)

23. The Mango Birds, National Book, Trust (New Delhi, 2009)

24. A Real Giraffe, National Book Trust, (New Delhi, 2009)







1.  Mystery Stories, AWIC also published by EPB Publishers under the title ‘The Ghost of Father Martin and Other Stories’ (New Delhi, 1989) (Singapore, 1991)

2. M for Mystery Part 1 and 2, Ratnasagar Publishers (New Delhi, 1989)

3. Dinosaurs in the Garden, Ratnasagar Publishers (New Delhi, 1993)

4. Stories from the Panchatantra,1 and 2, Ratnasagar Publishers (New Delhi, 1993)

5. The Ghostly Tale and Other Stories, Vikas Publishing House, (New Delhi, 1994)

6. The Great Lottery Scandal and Other Stories, Vikas Publishing House (New Delhi, 1995)

7. A Jinx on the Land and other Stories, Children’s Book Trust (New Delhi)

8. Kidnapped and Other Stories, Children’s Book Trust (New Delhi)

9. Kaleidoscope, Children’s Book Trust (New Delhi)

10. Bouquet of Stories, 3, Publications Division (New Delhi)

11. Abhinav Kahaniyan, (Hindi) Children’s Book Trust (New Delhi, 1991)  

12. Abhinav Kahaniyan, 2, Children’s Book Trust (New Delhi, 1991)

13. Ek Mein Anek,  (Hindi) Ratnasagar Publishers (New Delhi, 1995)

14. Phoolwari, Hindi Readers, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, Ratnasagar Publishers (New Delhi, 1995)

15. There’s Another Way—Stories on Peace, Vikas Publishing House (New Delhi, 1998)

16. The Carpenter’s Apprentice, Katha (New Delhi, 1999)

17. That’s Ghosts for You, Carus Publishing Company (Peru, U.S.A., 2000) published in paperback as 13 Scary Stories Scholastic Inc. (U.S.A 2001)

18. Once Upon a Time in India, ICCR-AWIC- Macmillan India  (New Delhi, 2003)

19. Aasha (anthology of women’s stories), Hindi Book Centre (New Delhi, 2002)

20. Deh-Dehri (anthology of women’s stories in Hindi), Sahitya Prakashan (Delhi, 2003)

21. The Puffin Book of Children’s Verse, Puffin Books, India (New Delhi, 2005)

22. Favourite Stories for Girls, Puffin Books, India (New Delhi, 2007)

23. The Puffin Book of Spooky Ghost Stories, Puffin Books, India (New Delhi, 2009)

24. Friends Forever, Hachette India, (Gurgaon, 2009)

25. Mom and Me, Hachette India, (Gurgaon, 2010)

26. Dad and Me, Hachette India, (Gurgaon, 2010)

17. Celebrate: Rakhi and Bhai Dooj, Hachette India, (Gurgaon, 2011)

18. Celebrate: Dusshera and Durga Puja, Hachette India, (Gurgaon, 2011)

19. Celebrate: Christmas, Hachette India, (Gurgaon, 2011)

20. The Killer App, Penguin India (New Delhi, 2011)

21. Whispers in the Classroom, Voices on the Field, Wisdom Tree (New Delhi, 2012)

22. Lighthouse in a Storm, AWIC (New Delhi, 2012)

23. Alien Shores, Brass Monkey Books (Melbourne, 2012)



* This is a complete list of my books. However, some of them are out of print and may not be easily available.

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