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An action packed adventure story, inspired by my family history, Caravan to Tibet was on the IBBY Honour List 2008 and has been translated into Korean.


"I think children will enjoy Caravan for its persevering protagonist, racy plot, the little Lama, the rough robbers, and the experience of a young boy upstaging the adults. I also relished the knowledge that incidents like those described in the book may actually have happened."


The Book Review, Sandhya Rao


The life story of an icon of Indian history, the inspiring Rani of Jhansi.

"It remains with you long after you have finished the book and through these you relive the past and realize that here is a woman who can inspire you to face life, despite all the hurdles and hardship, facing life defiantly."

The Hindu, Rohini Ramachandran

Do you know how Ganesh got such a large belly? Or why a sage and a king were fighting over the wish-fulfilling cow Kamadhenu?

Discover wise men, brave women and animals and birds with superhuman powers in this fascinating collection. Along with everlasting values, these ancient tales unfold a world full of fantasy, humour and adventure.

Anita thought she had a normal life...until both her parents disappeared.

She discovers that they have been taken to the mysterious world of Shadowland, ruled over by the evil King of Shadows. They are imprisoned in the deadly Endless Maze.

Anita has to enter Shadowland with her friends Choco and Sabena and save them somehow. She can only do this by playing the Game of Shadows...

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